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Useful Tips


pH is Important

The ideal pH for marijuana ranges from about 6-7. pH is the rating for how acidic or not something is. This affects your water, soil and plants. If the pH is too high or too low, your plants will have trouble taking in nutrients. There are pH testing and adjustment kits for purchase online or at your local grow store.


Growing from Seed

Cannabis plants grown from seed produce a taproot. (B) Cloned plants simply cannot; they produce a fibrous root system (A) only. Taproots firmly anchor the plant into the ground, extending into the soil to find nutrients. Most outdoor plants are grown from seed for this reason. But keep in mind there are costs associated with growing from seed whereas clones are virtually free. 

*A simple step by step video on how to clone coming soon.



We know you love them but please try not to overwater; it’s going to be ok. If the plant looks alive, chances are it’s still alive. Too much water in the medium for a prolonged period of time causes waterlogging, which interferes with aeration for the roots, leading to low oxygen uptake and decay.

Here's the finger technique, we found this very helpful: stick your index finger into the soil up to your first knuckle or so. If the soil is dry in the first inch to inch-and-half, water. (This applies to medium sized containers and above. Sticking your finger in a small pot may damage the roots). 


Pruning for Yield

If left to grow on its own, a cannabis plant will grow vertically, focusing its energy on one main stalk. The result is one long dominant cola with smaller stalks surrounding it. These smaller stalks will produce small buds that won’t be that good and the overall size and yield of the plant will be small.

Topping makes a cannabis plant bushier—by cutting off the main stalk, the plant will redirect its energies to the smaller side branches, which will grow out and produce bigger buds.


When to Harvest

Trichomes are the glands that hold the majority of the THC we use. A gland is a part of an organism that contains a substance... like THC or CBD. On weed, they are commonly referred to as crystals. Although strain may determine much, the stage in the trichomes' development equally affects your bud's high and harvesting at the right time is crucial for an outstanding product. We found an excellent article on trichomes. Please click on the link below. 

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